What is Family Consultation?

Consultation is defined as asking the advice or opinion of an expert, and deliberating together.

Family consultation differs from family therapy in two key aspects. First, family consultation assumes that the family relationships are essentially healthy, whereas family therapy aims to assist families who are having relationship problems. It is focused on assisting the families to proactively plan for changes, or problem-solve regarding a specific situation.

Second, family therapy may take several meetings as change is often a gradual process. Family consultation generally requires 1 to 3 meetings.


  • When dealing with an illness
  • When expecting a change e.g. remarriage

All Family Members are Invited

Everyone in the family has a valuable perspective to offer.  Without each person’s perspective, important information may be missing.  Therefore, all members of the family or household are encouraged to attend the consultation.

Collaborative Process

We will work collaboratively towards your family’s goal. Decisions as to future action following the consultation are up to you.


A fee will be collected at the time of the consultation. This will be discussed at the time the appointment is made.


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