#IFNAchat Details

I will be moderating this month’s #IFNAchat which will be a discussion of the International Family Nursing Association ‘s Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice. There will be two one-hour chat times, to offer an opportunity for family nurses worldwide to participate. 

We will discuss the following four questions during the chat: 

  1. What do you think is most valuable in the IFNA generalist competencies?
  2. How are you applying the competencies in your  work (or how will you)?
  3. What ideas do you have for promoting the competencies as a standard of practice for nurses?
  4. How would these competencies transform nursing practice where you are?

Participants in the chat are encouraged to review the position statement and think about these questions in advance. 

Chat times:

  • Europe, UK, Americas – Wed April 20 12 noon CDT/ 1 pm EDT/ 6 pm BST/ 7 pm CEST
  • Pacific Rim countries – Thursday April 21 10 am JST/ 11 am AEST (this is Wed April 20 6 pm PDT/ 8 pm CDT)


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