Family Nursing Goes Global on Twitter

Anyone who knows me knows that I love using Twitter for professional development and networking. So it was exciting to have the opportunity to teach other family nurses how to use Twitter in a pre-conference workshop at the 13th International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) conference last week, with the IFNA Communication Committee (pictured above: Dr. Janice Bell, Dr. Joel Anderson, me, and Dr. Wendy Looman) .

As is so often the case, things didn’t go exactly according to plan! I aptly demonstrated what not to do by accidentally signing into my personal Twitter account – oops! And there wasn’t enough time to go over all my material. However, with the invaluable help of my co-presenters, the hands-on practice did go pretty well overall. And the portions of the presentation done by my colleagues were excellent.

Best of all, participation in live tweeting the conference rose exponentially compared to previous conferences! Our workshop participants bravely took to Twitter, and we discovered other family nurse tweeters as the conference unfolded. Our Twitter reach with the conference hashtag #IFNC13 was 896,298 impressions between June 13 – 22.

Why is this important? Because one of our goals is to make family nursing visible in the world, thereby advancing the practice of family nursing. Ultimately, we hope to reduce the suffering of families stricken by illness, wherever in the world they may live. In today’s world, being visible means being present and active on social media. Also, as an international organization, social media provides many ways for us to grow our communities of practice. It’s so wonderful to converse on Twitter with nurses in Australia, Africa, Europe, North & South America and Japan!

The story of #IFNC13 can be viewed on this Storify link: Highlights of the 13th International Family Nursing Conference

Here are the slides I prepared for the workshop: A Guide to Twitter for Family Nursing Scholars

And for those interested, here’s our Twitter analytics #IFNC13 Healthcare Social Media Analytics June 12th 2017

Hope to see you in cyberspace!

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